Monday, September 16, 2013

For Today -

Outside my window...beautiful, hot day. We'll be nearing 100 this week, &  Fall seems so far away. 

I am thinking...having a hard time thinking this morning...still trying to wake up. :)

I am thankful for...air conditioning in our cars.  Mine went out yesterday in 95 degree temps.  You realize real fast how you take things for granted!

I am remembering...the fun we had at a party last night.  Emily was thrilled to get to bash the piƱata. :)

On my mind...all that I need to accomplish today.  Typical Monday catch up after the weekend.

I am pondering these words...words from an art print I saw this week - 'Excuse the mess, the kids are making memories'.  I loved it.

From the learning rooms...I know what I'm 'not' learning...& that is to get in bed at a decent hour!

From the is waiting.

I am wearing...still in pj's.  Having a hard time waking up this morning.  I guess that will teach me to stop being a nightowl. 

I am creating...forever working on new graphics.  Love it!

I am going...Elliot read this, & finished it for me...he said "to fix food". :)  He's a growing boy & food is his top priority. :)

I am reading...I haven't had a chance to read anything but my daily Bible reading for the past week.  Hoping to get back to my books this week.

I am get in bed at an earlier hour tonight.

I am hearing...Elliot talking...he's sitting right beside me, & he's in a talkative mood. :)

Around the house...lots to be done after the weekend.

One of my favorite things...Pumpkin Spice this Fall favorite!

A few plans for the rest of the week...ballet tonight, church Wednesday, homeschool daily...all my normal stuff. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...our sweet Bella....

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Monday, September 9, 2013

For Today -
Outside my window...dark & so much cooler after we had a big downpour this evening.  Such a relief from the heat!
I am thinking...that it's been way too long since I've been here!
I am thankful for...the rain we had.  It's so needed here in this desert.
I am remembering...Elliot & Emily squealing with joy as we were driving out in the rain.  You would have thought they'd never seen it before! :)
On my mind...Mike...we skyped tonight & he wasn't feeling well.  I felt bad for him  with him being so far away in Saudi.
I am pondering these words...Emily's words as we were out this afternoon, & a downpour began.  It was so hard, we had to pull off because we couldn't see to drive.  She was looking around, & at first she was a bit afraid, & she said "We have to remember that God said He'd never destroy the earth with a flood again."  Then she sees the river of water flowing down the streets, & she wasn't so sure.  She timidly asked "Right?"  :)
From the learning rooms...leaning some new things about graphics.
From the kitchen...closed for the night.  We went out to eat earlier.
I am Eeyore nightshirt.  It has the words "If I start to snore...just tug on my tail". :)  And by the way, I don't snore. :) 
I am creating...lots of new tiny graphics.
I am enjoy an iced coffee (decaf) after I post here.  I think I need to add a piece of chocolate to that. 
I am reading...Seaside Harmony on my iPad, as well as What Women Fear, & my Bible.
I am hoping...these next 4 weeks go by quickly, so that Mike will be home with us for a week!  Although, Mom used to tell me to never wish time to pass quickly, because you are wishing your life away. So maybe I'll wish for it to 'feel' like it's going by quickly.
I am hearing...nothing but my quiet. 
Around the house...little muddy paw prints.  I'm ashamed to say, I haven't cleaned them up yet from when our doggies had to go out for their potty break in the rain.
One of my favorite things...being up in the quiet of the night, working on graphics. 
A few plans for the rest of the week...homeschool, grocery shopping, making some graphics, enjoying my days.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...Avery is always pretending she is someone or something else.  When she gets in these moods, we have to call her by the name of whatever or whoever she is.  We took her out the last time she came over, & she pulls these glasses out of her purse, puts them on, & announces that she's a man, & that we have to call her Mr. Man. :)  We got a lot of stares & giggles as we went about our day out, & I'd say "Mr. Man" to this little girl in disguise.... It was either call her that, or she wouldn't answer. :)  And no, she wouldn't take them off...she said she looked "like a handsome man". :)
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...dark, cold, & quiet.  I can see a few homes leaving their outside Christmas lights on all night.
I am thinking...I am 'so' behind on Christmas this year! 
I am thankful for...the way children make Christmas & all that goes with it so exciting.
I am many past Christmases.
On my mind...the families that lost their children & loved ones in the school shooting last Friday. As a nation, we mourn with them.
From the learning rooms...learning lots about myself since Mike has been in Saudi.  This has been a time of learning & growing.
From the kitchen...closed now, but will be filled with fun as we bake Christmas cookies tomorrow.
I am with snowflakes, micro-fleece jammies.
I am creating...happy Christmas memories.
I am wrap some gifts after this post.
I am Bible & a Christmas novel.
I am hoping...I can finish the last bits of shopping I have to do in the new few days. 
I am hearing...not a sound but the keys as I type.  Another late post.
Around the house...excitement is building daily - Christmas is almost here!
One of my favorite things...yearly Christmas baking with the kids. 
A few plans for the rest of the week...baking, finish up shopping, read Christmas stories with Elliot & Emily, watch Christmas movies...make Christmas memories.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...When Avery was here, she told me that she needed a piece of paper to write down (she can't write except for her name) her Christmas list, & the list of things she was going to get others.  After she finished, she told me that I was going to love my gift, & that I could even play on it. :)  I found this while cleaning after she left - it's what she drew to get me....a slide. :)  What she doesn't realize, this drawing is a gift to me.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...cold, cold, cold night! 
I am thinking...about the nice warm bed that is waiting for me.  I put on flannel sheets - one of my favorite things for these colder nights. 
I am thankful for...warmth at the flick of a switch on my wall.  We are 'so' spoiled!
I am remembering...long, long chats with Mike over the past few days.  I miss him so much!
On my mind...the homeless on nights like this.  So sad.
From the learning rooms...working out daily takes dedication!
From the kitchen...closed now, but had hot soup for dinner.  Such a nice meal when it's chilly.
I am wearing...I'm still in my workout clothes.
I am creating...a photo book.
I am bed very soon.
I am Bible & a Christmas novel.
I am hoping...Mike can get back on track with his schedule.  He's having a hard time adjusting to the time change, & normally is still up at 3am.  Very hard, since he has to get up & work. 
I am hearing...the keys as I type. 
Around the house...looking like Christmas is near! :)
One of my favorite things...curling up with a book & a cup of tea.
A few plans for the rest of the week...I've deliberately planned very little - still resting up from Mike being here.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...Emily & Avery planned a party for Mike the night before he had to go back to Saudi.  This is the gift that Avery gave him (after searching through Emily's room). :) 

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...dark & quiet...another late post here.
I am thinking...about all the fun we had at Disneyland.  
I am thankful for...the memories we were able to make at Disneyland with Avery.  This was her first time.
I am remembering...laughter. 'Lots' of laughter while we were at the 'happiest place on earth'.
On my sister, who seems to be struggling so much.
I am pondering these words...Avery telling me that she can be brave when I am near her. 
From the learning rooms...Mike installed Windows 8 on my computer, so I'm learning how to use it to get the full potential from it  I love it so far.
From the kitchen...had dinner out tonight.  Mike has been very good at spoiling me in this department while he's been here!
I am wearing...jeans & blue top, but will be in pjs very soon.
I am creating...a photo book.
I am bed as soon as I finish here.  I cannot wait!  Too many late, late nights recently.
I am Bible.
I am hoping...these next two days crawl by.  Thursday will come all too soon. 
I am hearing...quiet, except for my keys as I type.
Around the house...still evidence that we have just gotten back from vacation.
One of my favorite things...sinking into my bed after a long day.
A few plans for the rest of the week...put up our Christmas tree & decorate, take Mike to the airport Thursday morning, do some Christmas shopping, housecleaning.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...view from our Disney hotel room.  I wish we were still seeing it.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...another later night post, so dark & quiet out, after a beautiful Vegas day.
I am thinking...about how much fun we're going to have this week at Disneyland. 
I am thankful for...Avery getting to go with us this time. She's never been, & has no idea that we're going.  It will so neat seeing it all through her eyes.
I am remembering...Elliot & Emily's Christmas program tonight.  It was so good.  Emily's invited guest showed up (the man that told her he would show up with his accordion. :)  And he did. :)
On my mind...all that I still have to do before I go to bed.  Hard work getting ready to go away for a week.  Especially if you're like me, & have to leave the house spic & span clean.
From the learning matter how much time we think we have, things tend to sneak up on us.  Why didn't I pack yesterday???
From the kitchen...totally quiet today except for breakfast.   Mike insisted on no cooking today for me, so we ate out.
I am wearing...Minnie Mouse pj's.
I am creating...memories.
I am savor every single moment at Disneyland this week!
I am Bible.
I am hoping...Avery will one day look back at this week spent with us, & see it as one of the best of her young life. 
I am hearing...Mike watching the football game he recorded.
Around the house...signs of packing in many of the rooms, & excitement over what that packing means.
One of my favorite things...Disneyland! 
A few plans for the rest of the week...have fun, fun, fun while we're at the 'happiest place on earth'!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...I can't believe we'll be watching this parade tomorrow night!  YIPPEE! :)

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Monday, November 19, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...dark, quiet, & a very chilly Las Vegas evening. 
I am thinking...of how wonderful Thanksgiving will be this year.  Mike wasn't sure he'd be able to come home to be here.  It will be 'so' good to prepare a meal & have our family together to enjoy it.  
I am thankful for...Thanksgiving. I love this time of year in which we Americans set apart this day to give thanks for all the many blessings we have. 
I am niece Lisa.  I miss her so much.  It's unbelievable to think that she was here last Thanksgiving, & she is gone now.  Lisa's children & my sister are having a hard time facing this holiday that she loved so much, without her.
On my mind...the last few things I want to get done tomorrow, before the 'big' day of Wednesday.  Mike will be arriving that morning!
I am pondering these words..."Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true meaning of our thanksgiving."  ~W.T. Purkiser~
From the learning rooms...not to fix so many desserts again this Thanksgiving.  I learned my lesson from last year. :)
From the kitchen...Just fixed me a pot of Sleepy Time (I love that name!) tea & enjoying it with a lemon poppyseed scone.   Well actually, I am enjoying it with two scones. :) I've enjoyed Sleepy Time tea since I was a teenager. 
I am wearing...jeans & blue top.
I am creating...still working on some websets for friends.
I am make it another early night.  I am a nightowl through & through, but trying to make this night two of getting in bed early.
I am reading...only my Bible.  Hoping that I'll get to some of my many books after Mike goes back to Saudi.
I am all have a very blessed & happy Thanksgiving! 
I am hearing...quiet, except for the keys.  I welcome this after a busy, busy day.
Around the house...excitement as we get ready for Mike to get home.
One of my favorite things...working on graphics.  I love having an idea in my head & watching it come to life.
A few plans for the rest of the trim, picking up Mike from the airport, grocery shopping, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving service at church,  & some Black Friday shopping.  I was going to avoid Black Friday, but Mike can't wait to go out.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...Emily made this turkey by tracing her hand.  I asked her what the thing was in the middle & she said "I don't really know.  I jjust thought he looked like he was missing something, so I added it." :)

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...dark & quiet, as it's past midnight.  Looks like I'm the only one on my  street that's still up.
I am my late nights need to stop. I have been thinking this for years, but here I am at past midnight. :)    
I am thankful for...nighttime rituals with the kids.  Avery watches me tuck Elliot & Emily in, & hears all that we say & sees the things we do (things like a little message with lavender lotion as we talk softly, & say prayers), & she waits her turn.  She'll say "Please put lotion on me too!" :)  She loves being a part of things. I hope she always remembers the special times we have with her.
I am fun day out with Elliot, Emily, & Avery.  We went out to get Thanksgiving costumes, & then went on to the mall.  They were so excited & surprised to see Christmas decorations everywhere in the mall.  I promised them another trip soon.
On my mind...all that I have to do to get ready for Mike's coming home next week.  Excitement is in the air in our home, & little x's filling up the kid's calendars.
From the learning rooms...don't put things off!  It seemed I had so much time to do certain things before Mike got home, & he will be home next week!  So the rush is on! 
From the kitchen...closed up & clean for the night.  Can't wait till it's filled with the kid's talk & laughter tomorrow morning during breakfast.
I am wearing...jeans & blue top.
I am creating...Christmas graphics.
I am bed very soon.
I am reading...nothing but my Bible right now.  Haven't had time to start one of the many books that are on my iPad.
I am hoping...I manage to get everything done that needs to be done this week. 
I am hearing...nothing but the keys as I type.
Around the very quiet after having so much life & laughter all day.  Bits of their day lying around - hopscotch, a puzzle, ect. 
One of my favorite things...having Avery 'read' to us.  She gets a book, but seeing as she can't read, she makes up the story.  She comes up with some doozies!
A few plans for the rest of the week...tap, ballet, shopping, getting things ready for Mike...more of the normal stuff.
Here is a picture thought I am sweeties.  It seems as though they are growing up right before my eyes!  I wish time would slow down a bit!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...a beautiful Las Vegas day - in the 80's!
I am thinking...I should have gotten an earlier go this morning.  Now I feel behind.  Probably because I am behind. :)  That's ok though - life happens.
I am thankful online friends.
I am remembering...the days of so many having websites with country graphics, where so much was shared.  Most had blogs on those sites too.  I miss those times.
On my mind...the election tomorrow. 
I am pondering these words...not really any specific words, but an entire conversation with Avery this morning as I cuddled with her.  She was talking about how much she loves & misses her Daddy everyday.  Lisa breaking up their little family has been so hard on her. She always uses numbers to tell us how much she loves us. Today, that number was 6 trillion. :)
From the kitchen...just got it cleaned up from this morning.  When Avery is here, it seems like I get everything done late. :) Again, that's ok.  Spending quality time with children & having fun, is much more important than rushing to clean up a kitchen after breakfast that will still be there hours later.
I am wearing...still in pj's, but not for long.  I need to get ready to take Emily & Avery to their ballet class.
I am creating...websets for a few of my online friends.  I love doing this.
I am ballet with the girls in a bit, then coming home to relax.  That is, if Avery allows us to relax. :)
I am reading...right now, only my Bible.
I am hoping...time slows down while Mike is here in a few weeks.  He's so afraid it's going to fly by, & I'm sure it will.  It will be hard for him to go back to Saudi after being back for a couple of weeks. We haven't seen him since June 7th.
I am hearing...Elliot playing video games with one of his friends.  He gets 'so' into these games!
Around the house...looking like fall! Even if Las Vegas refuses to give me a fall that most get to enjoy, at least I can have it look 'fallish' inside.
One of my favorite things...creating graphics.
A few plans for the rest of the week...basically the same as last week - ballet, tap, church, grocery shopping, homeschooling, housecleaning...I live an exciting life. :) 
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...this is the first 'real' fall looking tree we've seen this year.  I took this the same place we took our first fall tree picture last year - in a grocery store parking lot. :)  I know it's nothing compared to what most of you have seen in your fall trees, but remember, this is Las Vegas. :) 

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Monday, October 29, 2012

For Today -
Outside my window...dark, still, & finally feeling like Fall.
I am thinking...about all the ones in the path of Sandy.  So scary & so sad. 
I am thankful for...the sweet blog friends that have given me a warm welcome back to blogging.  It's good to be back!
I am remembering...the fun we had at Emily's ballet studio's trunk or treat. 
On my mind...again, all the ones in the path of Sandy.  Heartbreaking to see all the news coverage.
From the learning rooms...still trying to learn things about my camera.  I sometimes don't think I will 'ever' learn all that there is to learn about it!  A point & shoot sounds appealing at times!
From the kitchen...lingering smells of popcorn.  We had movie night tonight (Madagascar 3).
I am jean capris & cream colored top.
I am creating...a custom iPad case.  I think it's going to turn out very pretty.  I'll share a pic when it's finished.
I am going...up to bed very soon to read.
I am Bible, & finishing up 'Wooing Sam Walker's Widow', by our blogger friend Pam from A Country Homemaker.
I am hoping...Sandy leaves very soon, & that the damage is much less than anticipated. 
I am hearing...Emily & Avery playing a game.  Avery is here for her weekly visit.
Around the house...filled with the laugh of children.
One of my favorite things...hearing Elliot, Emily, & Avery laugh as they play. It's music!
A few plans for the rest of the week...typical week - grocery shopping, homeschool, ballet & tap classes, & a good thorough cleaning of our garage.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...Emily as Alice in Wonderland, & Transformer Elliot - all ready to go to trunk or treat at Emily's ballet studio. 

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Monday, October 22, 2012

For Today -
Outside my window...dark & so quiet.  All is peaceful  calm in my home & in my neighborhood, since I'm posting this past midnight.
I am's time to get back to blogging.  I've missed it & missed my blogging friends. 
I am thankful for...friends that have kept on me to return to blogging.
I am sweet day with Elliot & Emily.  I took them to Macaroni Grill to celebrate 'Sweetest Day'.  They each gave me a card they had made for me. 
On my mind...all that I have to do this coming week.
I am pondering these words..."Where your pleasure is, thre is your treasure; where your treasure, there your heart; where your heart, there your happiness."
From the kitchen...I shouldn't at this late hour, but my leftovers from Macaroni Grill are calling my name!
I am wearing...Mickey Mouse pj's.
I am creating...a webset for a friend's new beautiful blog.
I am look like a panda if I keep at these late hours!
I am reading...a wonderful book written by a blogging friend (Pam, from Country Homemaker).  I can't put it down! 
I am sleep in just a wee bit tomorrow. 
I am keys as I type.  So quiet at this late hour.
Around the quiet. I can't wait to see Elliot & Emily in the morning!
One of my favorite things...staying up late...too late!  I've been a nightowl from birth.
A few plans for the rest of the week...early vote, Emily's ballet & tap classes, enjoying Avery during her weekly visit, homeschool, grocery shopping, various errands.  Whew!  Now I'm tired. :)
Here is a picture thought I am my last post here (in April 2012!), I shared a pic of Tinkerbell & spoke of how she was going to get a new sister.  So I think it's only fitting that I share a pic of our new baby, Bella.  She's a mini teacup Golden Persian, & has got to be the sweetest cat on earth!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...dark, after a beautiful warm Las Vegas day.  I'm getting a very late start to this post today (or early - depends on how you look at it!).  

I am behind I feel this week!    

I am thankful for...this time of year to celebrate the Lord's sacrifice for us & His resurrection. 

I am remembering...the full, busy, but very sweet day we had today. 

On my mind...our new 'baby' that will be joining our family Saturday.  We waited almost 3 years for her - a golden mini teacup Persian - Bella.  We can't wait! 

I am pondering these words..."God puts each fresh morning, each new chance of life, into our hands as a gift to see what we will do with it." 

From the learning rooms...I'm going to learn lots of new things about myself while Mike is away for two years. 

From the kitchen...closed till morning.  We went out to Mimi's tonight for good! 

I am capris with black top & white camisole underneath. 

I am creating...Easter baskets for my family. 

I am get some much needed sleep after posting this 2am post. 

I am Bible & a few other books on my iPad. I have found it's so easy to have too many books going when I read on my iPad. I love it though! 

I am hoping...Tinkerbell accepts her new 'sister' Bella.    

I am hearing...not a single sound except the keys as I type.  Everyone else has more common sense - they went to bed long ago, & this nightowl is up alone.  

Around the house...quiet & peaceful, but missing the sounds of laugther & life that fill these walls each day.  I can't wait to see Elliot & Emily in the morning! 

One of my favorite things...dinner, conversation, & laughter over dinner with my family. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...Emily's Spring tea at her ballet studio, Tinkerbell's vaccination, check out a gymnastics class that I want to enroll Elliot & Emily in, cleaning, get needed things for Easter baskets. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...this little girl is soon going to have to share her home & owners.  Our Tinkerbell is so loved & spoiled!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...Beautiful sunny Las Vegas day! 

I am thinking...about the changes to our lives as Mike gets ready to leave soon for Saudi for a two year job.  

I am thankful & family! 

I am remembering...almost losing our son Brandon a couple of weeks ago.  I am SO thankful for God's grace & mercy & for allowing us to continue to enjoy life with him in it. 

On my mind...God is good!  And as Emily would say after I say that - "All the time!"  

I am pondering these words... "I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all."  ~Laura Ingalls Wilder~

From the learning rooms...don't ever take a moment of life for granted.  My son & I have had many talks about this since almost losing him.  We aren't promised tomorrow, so enjoy each day to the max! 

From the kitchen...just finished breakfast, & it's closed for the day now.  We'll be going out in a bit & will be out for the day, so dinner will be eaten out.  

I am wearing...still in pj's. 

I am creating...a few blogger backgrounds, so that I can have them ready if & when I want to change it out.  I am pleased with how this one turned out, so might keep it for awhile.  

I am going...out with my family to shop for the entire day, followed up with dinner out. 

I am Bible & a really good book that I got for free in the Kindle store - 'How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting The Five Critical Needs of Children...And Parents Too!'.  So far, it's such a great book! 

I am hoping...that I have my 'to do' list all checked off at the end of this week.  

I am hearing...Elliot laughing.  Music to my ears! 

Around the house...peaceful & blessed. 

One of my favorite things...longs talks with my sons. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...checking off that 'to do' list...lots on it! 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...I am so grateful that my son Brandon is okay & doing well.  He is extremely picture shy (hmmm....wonder who he gets that from??), so it's almost impossible to get a pic of him, but I managed to get this one as his brother had him laughing at one of his stories.  I love you Brandon!

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Monday, March 5, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...dark.  This is a late post, after a very busy day. 

I am thinking...I should be in bed!  

I am thankful for...little blessings that show up here & there.  I received a beautiful Willow Tree Angel in the mail today, as a 'part two' to my birthday last weekend.   I also received another Boyd's bear figurine!

I am Mom. I thought about her so much yesterday.  I miss her! 

On my mind...the many families & states affected by the tornadoes.  My heart breaks for them. 

I am pondering these words...Emily telling me today - "All I ever have to do is think of you, & it makes me smile. And if I ever feel scared, I think of you, & then I feel better."  

From the learning rooms...if you turn something over to God's Hands, leave it there. 

From the kitchen...sparkling clean & waiting for us to gather there for breakfast in the morning. 

I am wearing...jeans & white top. 

I am creating...smiles. I got that answer from Emily. :)  She & Elliot say that I always make them happy, & make our home a happy home.   

I am bed to read very soon.  I love ending my day with a good book. 

I am reading...Sisterchicks Go Brit, as well as a few others.  And always my Bible. 

I am hoping...the bad weather that some of our country is experiencing, is over for a long while.    

I am hearing...a tv show that my husband is watching. 

Around the house...many little projects that I want to do. 

One of my favorite things...capturing memories with my camera.  I love the thought of being able to 'freeze time or a moment' to be forever enjoyed - just by a click of a camera.   

A few plans for the rest of the week...homeschooling, going through a couple of closets & organzing them, & that's about it!  But that's enough - I'm striving for a relaxing week with my family. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...we had Avery for the weekend, & one of her favorite games is 'hide & seek'.  This is how she sometimes counts. we know how she finds everyone.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...slightly overcast & cooler today, but so welcomed after having temps in the 70's & 80's for the past couple of weeks.  

I am thankful I am that I have my workout done for the day!  

I am thankful for...birthdays & being celebrated!  Not to mention, the number '29'. :)

I am remembering...what a sweet day I had on Saturday.  I could get used to being 'serenaded' first thing in the morning. :) 

On my mind...friends that are struggling right now. 

I am pondering these words...a conversation that Emily & I had when she was cuddling up in bed with me last week - I have to put my arm out, & she loves laying her head on it (she says it feels better than a pillow) :) ... 
"Mommy, you know it's always going to be like this, don't you?"
"You mean you cuddling up with me & your head on my arm?"
"Yes. Even when I'm 26, I'll be be laying here with you!"
"Emily, 26 is a long time away.  You'll probably be married by then."
"NEVER! I'm never leaving you!  I'll even be laying on your arm when I'm 46!"
"46!  Wow!"
"Yep!  Even when I'm 100!  I'll still cuddle in bed with you & lay on your arm!" :) 

From the learning rooms...time is so precious!  Use it wisely. 

From the kitchen...I'm going to have my daily smoothie after I post this. Dinner is a casserole tonight.  

I am wearing...just got off the treadmill, so nothing appealing - sweats. 

I am creating...wonderful before bed memories with Elliot & Emily.  Every single night, an hour before bedtime, we go up to my bedroom & cuddle up in my bed.  We read, tell stories, laugh, talk, play games, ect.  It's our favorite time of the day.  Both say "It's the best time ever!"  And guess what?  Neither one of them can wait till bedtime. :)

I am work on a few graphics later if time permits. 

I am Bible & too many other books. 

I am get everything done before Emily's ballet class.    

I am hearing...absolutley nothing but the keys as I type.  Elliot & Emily haven't woke up yet.  

Around the house...quiet & peaceful, but that will only be a memory in about 30 minutes. 

One of my favorite things...these quiet mornings of time to myself. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...Emily's ballet, homeschooling, printing out pictures to frame,  finishing up decorating our guest room. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...When Emily & I ran out to pick up my birthday cake on Saturday, she suddenly said "Oh Mommy!  Close your eyes!  I found you a present that I have to get you!  You keep looking straight ahead & I'll put it in the cart, & get it out when it's time for  you pay for it." :)  I love it!  She told me that I can always drink my tea in it & remember how much she loves me.

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