Monday, February 27, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...slightly overcast & cooler today, but so welcomed after having temps in the 70's & 80's for the past couple of weeks.  

I am thankful I am that I have my workout done for the day!  

I am thankful for...birthdays & being celebrated!  Not to mention, the number '29'. :)

I am remembering...what a sweet day I had on Saturday.  I could get used to being 'serenaded' first thing in the morning. :) 

On my mind...friends that are struggling right now. 

I am pondering these words...a conversation that Emily & I had when she was cuddling up in bed with me last week - I have to put my arm out, & she loves laying her head on it (she says it feels better than a pillow) :) ... 
"Mommy, you know it's always going to be like this, don't you?"
"You mean you cuddling up with me & your head on my arm?"
"Yes. Even when I'm 26, I'll be be laying here with you!"
"Emily, 26 is a long time away.  You'll probably be married by then."
"NEVER! I'm never leaving you!  I'll even be laying on your arm when I'm 46!"
"46!  Wow!"
"Yep!  Even when I'm 100!  I'll still cuddle in bed with you & lay on your arm!" :) 

From the learning rooms...time is so precious!  Use it wisely. 

From the kitchen...I'm going to have my daily smoothie after I post this. Dinner is a casserole tonight.  

I am wearing...just got off the treadmill, so nothing appealing - sweats. 

I am creating...wonderful before bed memories with Elliot & Emily.  Every single night, an hour before bedtime, we go up to my bedroom & cuddle up in my bed.  We read, tell stories, laugh, talk, play games, ect.  It's our favorite time of the day.  Both say "It's the best time ever!"  And guess what?  Neither one of them can wait till bedtime. :)

I am work on a few graphics later if time permits. 

I am Bible & too many other books. 

I am get everything done before Emily's ballet class.    

I am hearing...absolutley nothing but the keys as I type.  Elliot & Emily haven't woke up yet.  

Around the house...quiet & peaceful, but that will only be a memory in about 30 minutes. 

One of my favorite things...these quiet mornings of time to myself. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...Emily's ballet, homeschooling, printing out pictures to frame,  finishing up decorating our guest room. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...When Emily & I ran out to pick up my birthday cake on Saturday, she suddenly said "Oh Mommy!  Close your eyes!  I found you a present that I have to get you!  You keep looking straight ahead & I'll put it in the cart, & get it out when it's time for  you pay for it." :)  I love it!  She told me that I can always drink my tea in it & remember how much she loves me.

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  1. Emily is so thoughtful and I am glad you have that special time. Renee reads a book to the kids too each night. Then she cuddles with Jazzy and tells Eddie he can play a bit until Jazzy is down. Then she says prayers with Eddie. Renee is a good mommy!

  2. Hi Judy,
    Happy Birthday!

    I popped over here from Susan's SWD. Couldn't believe it was you till I saw your picture and knew it was indeeed you. So happy to touch base with you again and see that all goes well with you and the children.

    Your entries always inspire me. Hope you have a fun w/e. Hugz!