Monday, December 10, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...cold, cold, cold night! 
I am thinking...about the nice warm bed that is waiting for me.  I put on flannel sheets - one of my favorite things for these colder nights. 
I am thankful for...warmth at the flick of a switch on my wall.  We are 'so' spoiled!
I am remembering...long, long chats with Mike over the past few days.  I miss him so much!
On my mind...the homeless on nights like this.  So sad.
From the learning rooms...working out daily takes dedication!
From the kitchen...closed now, but had hot soup for dinner.  Such a nice meal when it's chilly.
I am wearing...I'm still in my workout clothes.
I am creating...a photo book.
I am bed very soon.
I am Bible & a Christmas novel.
I am hoping...Mike can get back on track with his schedule.  He's having a hard time adjusting to the time change, & normally is still up at 3am.  Very hard, since he has to get up & work. 
I am hearing...the keys as I type. 
Around the house...looking like Christmas is near! :)
One of my favorite things...curling up with a book & a cup of tea.
A few plans for the rest of the week...I've deliberately planned very little - still resting up from Mike being here.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...Emily & Avery planned a party for Mike the night before he had to go back to Saudi.  This is the gift that Avery gave him (after searching through Emily's room). :) 

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  1. I hope Mike can get back on track soon. I am sure it must be hard not having him at home. Any pictures from Disneyland? Hugs

  2. Avery is so cute! What a nice gift for Mike. :) I hope that Mike can get his sleep schedule back on track soon, at least until it's time to throw it off again in February! Have a warm day!

  3. I too hope Mike gets back on schedule. I know how that is as my days and nights are mixed up. How cute Avery's gift for Mike. It must be hard not having him at home.
    Have a blessed week ahead my friend. Hugs

  4. Hi Judy
    How great to share in your thoughts and day.
    I am glad you all had a great time together.

  5. Hi Judy! What a great gift from Avery! So sweet! I hope Mike gets his sleep back to schedule, nothing like having your body all messed up! Hugs!

  6. Hi Judy,
    Hope Mike gets back on schedule.Avery is so sweet, how cute!!
    BIG HUGS to you