Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...dark, after a beautiful warm Las Vegas day.  I'm getting a very late start to this post today (or early - depends on how you look at it!).  

I am thinking...how behind I feel this week!    

I am thankful for...this time of year to celebrate the Lord's sacrifice for us & His resurrection. 

I am remembering...the full, busy, but very sweet day we had today. 

On my mind...our new 'baby' that will be joining our family Saturday.  We waited almost 3 years for her - a golden mini teacup Persian - Bella.  We can't wait! 

I am pondering these words..."God puts each fresh morning, each new chance of life, into our hands as a gift to see what we will do with it." 

From the learning rooms...I'm going to learn lots of new things about myself while Mike is away for two years. 

From the kitchen...closed till morning.  We went out to Mimi's tonight for dinner....so good! 

I am wearing...black capris with black top & white camisole underneath. 

I am creating...Easter baskets for my family. 

I am going...to get some much needed sleep after posting this 2am post. 

I am reading...my Bible & a few other books on my iPad. I have found it's so easy to have too many books going when I read on my iPad. I love it though! 

I am hoping...Tinkerbell accepts her new 'sister' Bella.    

I am hearing...not a single sound except the keys as I type.  Everyone else has more common sense - they went to bed long ago, & this nightowl is up alone.  

Around the house...quiet & peaceful, but missing the sounds of laugther & life that fill these walls each day.  I can't wait to see Elliot & Emily in the morning! 

One of my favorite things...dinner, conversation, & laughter over dinner with my family. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...Emily's Spring tea at her ballet studio, Tinkerbell's vaccination, check out a gymnastics class that I want to enroll Elliot & Emily in, cleaning, get needed things for Easter baskets. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...this little girl is soon going to have to share her home & owners.  Our Tinkerbell is so loved & spoiled!

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  1. Tinkerbell is adorable. I hope she comes to love her new housemate!
    My daughter will be winging her way to Las Vegas next week for a convention.
    Hope the weather is nice for her visit!

  2. Hoping you will see this Judy. Otherwise I will just try to email you. I have a surprise on my blog. I finally finished writing that book. :D It is newly self-published and available on Kindle, etc. Have been wondering how you are? We need a good catch-up visit. xoxo