Monday, November 5, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...a beautiful Las Vegas day - in the 80's!
I am thinking...I should have gotten an earlier go this morning.  Now I feel behind.  Probably because I am behind. :)  That's ok though - life happens.
I am thankful online friends.
I am remembering...the days of so many having websites with country graphics, where so much was shared.  Most had blogs on those sites too.  I miss those times.
On my mind...the election tomorrow. 
I am pondering these words...not really any specific words, but an entire conversation with Avery this morning as I cuddled with her.  She was talking about how much she loves & misses her Daddy everyday.  Lisa breaking up their little family has been so hard on her. She always uses numbers to tell us how much she loves us. Today, that number was 6 trillion. :)
From the kitchen...just got it cleaned up from this morning.  When Avery is here, it seems like I get everything done late. :) Again, that's ok.  Spending quality time with children & having fun, is much more important than rushing to clean up a kitchen after breakfast that will still be there hours later.
I am wearing...still in pj's, but not for long.  I need to get ready to take Emily & Avery to their ballet class.
I am creating...websets for a few of my online friends.  I love doing this.
I am ballet with the girls in a bit, then coming home to relax.  That is, if Avery allows us to relax. :)
I am reading...right now, only my Bible.
I am hoping...time slows down while Mike is here in a few weeks.  He's so afraid it's going to fly by, & I'm sure it will.  It will be hard for him to go back to Saudi after being back for a couple of weeks. We haven't seen him since June 7th.
I am hearing...Elliot playing video games with one of his friends.  He gets 'so' into these games!
Around the house...looking like fall! Even if Las Vegas refuses to give me a fall that most get to enjoy, at least I can have it look 'fallish' inside.
One of my favorite things...creating graphics.
A few plans for the rest of the week...basically the same as last week - ballet, tap, church, grocery shopping, homeschooling, housecleaning...I live an exciting life. :) 
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...this is the first 'real' fall looking tree we've seen this year.  I took this the same place we took our first fall tree picture last year - in a grocery store parking lot. :)  I know it's nothing compared to what most of you have seen in your fall trees, but remember, this is Las Vegas. :) 

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  1. Hi Judy, It's feels so good to have you back to blogging again. guess that's what they mean when they say "feels like old times". Love your little Fall looking tree. More color than what we have here in FL. Hugz!!

  2. Hi Judy, I am lucky to have a fall tree in my front yard. I bet you are counting the days until you see Mike. I am sure it will be great and the days will fly by. Have a great week. Hugs

  3. Hi Judy, the tree is so pretty. Up here in Minnesota all of the leaves are off the trees and we are waiting for our first snowfall...could be any day. Have a great week my friend!
    Be blessed,

  4. Hi Judy;

    Enjoyed reading your SWD post. Here our weather is winter cold. The trees are practically bare now. A lot of them from the winds of the beast that passed through. And now we are holding our breath waiting for a nor'easter to hit the northeast and praying those who really were hit by the big storm won't suffer any more devestation.
    Take care and have a lovely day ahead my friend. Hugs

  5. What a pretty fall tree! I understand about making fall happen, even when the temps outside don't fit. I know you all are very excited to have Mike back home. You make lovely graphics. I know one online friend who is VERY appreciative!! ((Hugs))

  6. Happy Election day Judy!
    I too am very thankful for my online friends :)) What a pretty picture of that fall tree. I have a few on my block too. Nothing like the foilage they see in the east but at least we get a taste of it. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Dru

  7. Hi Judy! Happy Election Day! I loved all of your SWD answers. I too am extremely grateful for my online friends. That tree is beautiful! I have to echo what you said about all the websites with the cute graphics. I'm glad to see more and more are starting to come back. I hope you have a very beautiful Tuesday! Hugs!

  8. Hi Judy,
    I really enjoy reading these posts.
    I hope time goes very slowly while your hubby is home and that time until he is back for good goes quicker than quick!
    That tree is super pretty. I love how the color fades into the yellow.
    Happy Wednesday !

  9. Hi Judy,
    Love the tree-so pretty!
    I am sure you are all so excited and counting the days until Mike comes home for Thanksgiving! What a precious Thanksgiving blessing!