Tuesday, December 18, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...dark, cold, & quiet.  I can see a few homes leaving their outside Christmas lights on all night.
I am thinking...I am 'so' behind on Christmas this year! 
I am thankful for...the way children make Christmas & all that goes with it so exciting.
I am remembering...so many past Christmases.
On my mind...the families that lost their children & loved ones in the school shooting last Friday. As a nation, we mourn with them.
From the learning rooms...learning lots about myself since Mike has been in Saudi.  This has been a time of learning & growing.
From the kitchen...closed now, but will be filled with fun as we bake Christmas cookies tomorrow.
I am wearing...blue with snowflakes, micro-fleece jammies.
I am creating...happy Christmas memories.
I am going...to wrap some gifts after this post.
I am reading...my Bible & a Christmas novel.
I am hoping...I can finish the last bits of shopping I have to do in the new few days. 
I am hearing...not a sound but the keys as I type.  Another late post.
Around the house...excitement is building daily - Christmas is almost here!
One of my favorite things...yearly Christmas baking with the kids. 
A few plans for the rest of the week...baking, finish up shopping, read Christmas stories with Elliot & Emily, watch Christmas movies...make Christmas memories.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...When Avery was here, she told me that she needed a piece of paper to write down (she can't write except for her name) her Christmas list, & the list of things she was going to get others.  After she finished, she told me that I was going to love my gift, & that I could even play on it. :)  I found this while cleaning after she left - it's what she drew to get me....a slide. :)  What she doesn't realize, this drawing is a gift to me.

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  1. Such a cute drawing Avery did! They are so precious, those little ones. I know you are going through big adjustments with Mike gone. God does use situations like this to talk to us! I know He does with me. Have a blessed day. ((Hugs))

  2. Oh Judy how special your gift from Avery is! I remember as children we would cut out pictures from a catalog and paste them to paper of things we wanted to get my mom and dad. Mom usually had pictures of jewelry and dad got cares and trucks and boats! LOL
    Be blessed my friend and many very special memories to you and your family!