Tuesday, November 13, 2012

For Today -

Outside my window...dark & quiet, as it's past midnight.  Looks like I'm the only one on my  street that's still up.
I am thinking...how my late nights need to stop. I have been thinking this for years, but here I am at past midnight. :)    
I am thankful for...nighttime rituals with the kids.  Avery watches me tuck Elliot & Emily in, & hears all that we say & sees the things we do (things like a little message with lavender lotion as we talk softly, & say prayers), & she waits her turn.  She'll say "Please put lotion on me too!" :)  She loves being a part of things. I hope she always remembers the special times we have with her.
I am remembering...my fun day out with Elliot, Emily, & Avery.  We went out to get Thanksgiving costumes, & then went on to the mall.  They were so excited & surprised to see Christmas decorations everywhere in the mall.  I promised them another trip soon.
On my mind...all that I have to do to get ready for Mike's coming home next week.  Excitement is in the air in our home, & little x's filling up the kid's calendars.
From the learning rooms...don't put things off!  It seemed I had so much time to do certain things before Mike got home, & he will be home next week!  So the rush is on! 
From the kitchen...closed up & clean for the night.  Can't wait till it's filled with the kid's talk & laughter tomorrow morning during breakfast.
I am wearing...jeans & blue top.
I am creating...Christmas graphics.
I am going...to bed very soon.
I am reading...nothing but my Bible right now.  Haven't had time to start one of the many books that are on my iPad.
I am hoping...I manage to get everything done that needs to be done this week. 
I am hearing...nothing but the keys as I type.
Around the house...so very quiet after having so much life & laughter all day.  Bits of their day lying around - hopscotch, a puzzle, ect. 
One of my favorite things...having Avery 'read' to us.  She gets a book, but seeing as she can't read, she makes up the story.  She comes up with some doozies!
A few plans for the rest of the week...tap, ballet, shopping, getting things ready for Mike...more of the normal stuff.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...my sweeties.  It seems as though they are growing up right before my eyes!  I wish time would slow down a bit!

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  1. Such a cute picture of them all dressed up. I know they will be thrilled when Mike comes home. You need to post a family picture when Mike comes home. Maybe someone can take one of you at church or DLand. Hugs

  2. Wow!! Elliot and Emily look so grown up! Lovely photo!

  3. Hi Judy, So glad you're doing SWD again. Wow! the kids have really grown up. I'm shocked looking at the new picture. Can't wait to see what happens when Mike returns. Don't work to hard getting ready! Hugz!

  4. Lovely. They are growing up and yes, would be nice if things slowed down and kids stayed kids longer.
    Love these posts.

  5. Hi, I am your newest follower. I like this "Daybook" concept. Sounds like you have a wonderful family filled with love! Thanks for sharing. Will look forward to more of your posts.