Monday, August 15, 2011

For Today - August 15, 2011

Outside my window...dark as coal (as my Mom used to say).  Still so hot out though.  Please hurry Fall!  

I am thinking...I am such a nightowl!  

I am thankful for...all the sweet things that I am daily tucking away in my memories.  

I am remembering...Emily telling me stories tonight.  She told me that she had made up a 'little' story about Lilly, & 20 minutes later she's 'still' in the midst of it!  I thought she was finished at one point, & I said "What a good story Emily!" She replied "It's not over.", & she went right on. :) 

On my mind...Mike's new job opportunities.  Hopeful that one in particular becomes a reality. 

I am pondering these words...from a friendship book that a friend sent to me - "Among God's best gifts to us, are the people who love us."    

From the kitchen..closed now, but had chicken fajitas tonight, followed up later with cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.  I'm glad my son finished it up, or I'd have a late night snack.

I am wearing...Minnie Mouse pjs. 

I am creating...a learning environment.  Getting ready to start a new school year with Elliot & Emily. 

I am begin to resemble a panda or a raccoon if these late nights don't stop.  

I am Bible & children's stories. 

I am hoping...Elliot & Emily sleep in tomorrow morning.  I know Emily will, but Elliot is normally an early riser.   

I am hearing...silence, except for the keys as I type. 

Around the house...blessings abound! 

One of my favorite things...having Elliot & Emily crawl into bed with me, & the three of us sleeping in for awhile.  

A few plans for the rest of the week...clean house tomorrow, make dental appointment (ugh!), do a bit more organizing in our garage, catch up with a few things. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...Avery lost in thought.  We were playing, & she said she wanted to 'sit on the rock'.  She looked like this for awhile.  Makes me wonder what she was thinking about.

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  1. Hi Judy,
    Great SWJ post yesterday. Good luck on Mike's new job opportunity. Will that take you guys out of LV?? Cute picture as always of Avery :)
    Have a wonderful Tuesday.
    Hugs, Dru

  2. Hi Judy! What a great SWD entry!! Avery is so cute, beautiful photo!
    love you lots

  3. Love, love the photo of Avery...what an awesome look on her face!! She is adorable..I would love to be there for one of Emily's stories!! Sounds like fun!! Great post Judy!!♥