Monday, January 31, 2011

For Today - January 31, 2011

Outside my my Mom would say "as black as coal", seeing as this is a late night post (better late than never, right?).   

I am thinking...I need to stop being  such a nightowl, but hard to break since I've been this way since I was little girl.  My Mom said that I was born a nightowl. 

I am thankful for...friends & family. 

I am remembering...Emily's ballet class tonight.  She looked 'so' cute! 

On my mind...everything that I want to accomplish this week. 

From the learning rooms...learning some new web stuff - learned abit about CSS, & I learned I prefer html! 

From the kitchen...closed for the night, but will be bustling in the morning.   

I am wearing...Minnie Mouse pj's.   

I am creating...something for my friends. 

I am bed as soon as I post this. 

I am Bible & still on The Hiding Place. 

I am sister & family get better news about my niece after further testing.  She was diagnosed with COPD this week. 

I am hearing...not a sound except the keys as I type.   

Around the house...quiet & peaceful.   

One of my favorite things...staying up late. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...send out some snail mail, grocery shop, catch up with some online friends,  & enjoy my family. 

Here is a picture thought I am Emily's ballet class tonight, the theme was Mulan.  She felt so pretty when they had to put on their costumes.

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  1. Hi Judy! Loved your answers this week. CSS is so much more complicated than HTML isn't it? Old school HTML is where it's at. lol Love the picture of Emily's mulan costume. Too cute!

  2. Hi Judy,
    As always loved your SWD post. I love the photo of Emily in her costume and enjoying her ballet lesson!
    Have a great day from one night owl to another!!
    Love you.

  3. Hey sweetie, just popped over to read your simple blessings, and for some reason the writings spread the whole width of the page and I can't read it, also there is source code at the top. Not sure if anyone else is seeing this or if it is just me, but wanted to let you know. Viewing in Firefox. Will try IE.