Monday, January 26, 2009

FOR TODAY - Monday, January, 24, 2009

Outside my window...I'm greeted with a beautiful day, even though we are supposed to get sprinkles of rain today. It's bright, sunny, & promises to be beautiful no matter what weather might come.

I am thinking...about how good God is to me. He constantly amazes me!

I am thankful husband having a good job, in a time when the economy is so shaky, & many are in fear for their jobs.

From the learning rooms...I am trying to learn some new things in Paint Shop as I work with graphics. Having great fun doing it!

From the kitchen...I hear the hum of the dishwasher, & coffee is awaiting me.

I am wearing...pj's.

I am creating...a craft with Elliot & Emily today. They love craft day!

I am start our homeschool day as soon as I post this.

I am Bible, Adventurous Prayer, & Purpose Driven Life.

I am hoping...that I can accomplish everything on my 'to do' & 'want to do' list today. If not, there is always tomorrow.

I am hearing...Emily picking up her building blocks, & her singing as she does so.

Around the house...I took a break for a week from finishing up my organizing of the last little bit, so that is on the list to do this week.

One of my favorite things...cuddling up with Elliot & Emily for our storytime.

A few plans for the rest of the week...get my Bible study lessons posted, work on some graphics, take the kids shopping for games, & do my meal planning.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...a picture of Emily at just a few weeks old. I was going through all my digital pictures this weekend, & it was a walk down memory lane. I can't believe how fast she & Elliot are growing up!

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  1. Hi Judy,
    What a precious piccie of Emily. I always look forward to Mondays at our Simple Woman Daybooks. Yours is always special. Hope you get some items crossed off your 'to do' list.

    I've tried 2 different backgrounds so far. The text turned out to be a problem on both so as soon as I finish visiting I'll be trying again. Thanks for your encouragement. Hugz!!

  2. Hope your getting everything accomplished that you want too today. Your right, our kiddos grow up so fast. Cute picture of Emily. Your such a proud nana. I hope I can be just as proud and good as you are.


  3. Hi Judy;

    I always enjoy reading your entries as you always have a positive lookout and lots of love in your writings. You are truly blessed my friend. Emily was so adorable and still is. I too was looking at photos on my pc and almost cried seeing my grandson grow from an adorable little boy to a handsome 16 year old. Have a blessed day my friend. ~Hugs~