Monday, September 20, 2010

For Today - September 20, 2010

Outside my window...the sun is just starting to set upon a beautiful, but very hot day!  Will these triple digit temps 'ever' go???  I know they will - I just wish they would hurry a bit more.

I am thinking...I could sleep for 12 hours tonight!  Avery just left after being here for a week, & she kept us busy.

I am thankful for...this past week with Avery.  We all enjoyed her so much.

I am remembering...'carnival' night that we had for the kids Saturday night.  We had so much fun!  There were 'rides' (I was one of the rides!), games, lots of food, balloons...such a fun night.

On my mind...the Reece Cup dessert that's waiting for us in the kitchen. :-)

I am pondering these words...these words between Emily & I -
"Mommy, do  you know how much I love you?"
I ask her "How much?"  
"All the way up to heaven!" she replies.
"Mommy, is heaven as high as you can go?  Cause if you can go further, then I love you up to there."

From the learning rooms...I accomplish so much more when I make 'to do' lists.  I've just started this, & my iPad has made it fun.

From the was dinner out tonight, so nothing to clean up in there.  Dessert will be enjoyed there tonight though.

I am capris & a Pooh tshirt.

I am creating...some graphics.

I am enjoy my evening of relaxing.  I'm looking forward to the Dancing With the Stars season premiere.

I am Bible, & a few books on my iPad.  I've transferred all my books from my Kindle to it, & bought a few more.  The interactive books for the iPad are 'unreal'!  It makes reading so much fun!

I am son gets one of the jobs that he's applied for.

I am hearing...Emily singing, & Elliot excitedly telling Mike how good he's doing on a video game.

Around the house...sooooo quiet after a week with Avery.

One of my favorite things...having these evenings of nothing planned except settling in to enjoy it.

A few plans for the rest of the week...catch up on sleep & some housework,  go through a couple of closets & majorly declutter them,  send out some snail mail, enjoy my family.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...Emily showed me this today, & told me "Look!  I made the leaning tower of Pisa!"

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  1. Oh another beautiful post that made me both laugh and brought tears to my eyes! That Miss Emily is something special! I love the conversation she had with you! What a blessing! Thank you for all you share, you have no idea how you touch my heart! Have a great week! Love you!

  2. Love your new fall background! Fall is my favorite time of the year!

    Love the Leaning Tower of Pisa! How creative!

    Glad you enjoyed your week with Avery! So glad things seem to be at least civil in that situation now! HUGS

  3. Hi Judy,
    Beautiful heart touching post as always. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.I love reading about your life and your days.
    Emily is so precious and what a little blessing she truly is! She says the most wonderful and inspiring things!
    I am praying that Shad will get his job.God is ever faithful.
    Love the "Leaning tower of Pisa." What a wonderful creation! Bless her little heart.
    Love you.

  4. Hi Judy,
    Great post and cute leaning tower of pisa ;) I am not watching Dancing with the Stars anymore. I am just so done with it and American Idol. I will keep up with who goes and wins but that is about it for me this year. Have a wonderful Tuesday.
    Hugs, Dru

  5. Hi Judy, lovely post. What a sweet sentiment from Emily.

    Glad you are enjoying your list making. I'd be lost without making mine.

    Hope your getting all accomplished you have wanted too this week.

    BTW, if you decide you want some help with the "font" thing, let me know.

    Hugs sweetie.