Monday, August 16, 2010

For Today - August 16, 2010

Outside my window...dark & quiet.  Another late night Monday post for me, after having hubby take the day off after being away last week. 

I am thinking...about the busy day that I will have tomorrow. 

I am thankful for...a nice, relaxing day off doing nothing except enjoy ourselves. 

I am remembering...Elliot & Emily's squeals of delight when Mike sneaked out to get Krispy Kreme donuts tonight. It was so funny - you would have thought it was Christmas when he walked in with them.  

On my mind...Avery.  We are so excited that we might get her this weekend.   Lots of little gifts will be waiting for her.  We will celebrate BIG!

I am pondering these words..."Blessed is everyone that fears the Lord, & that walks in His ways." Psalm 128:1 

From the learning enjoy these do nothing days to the fulest, without having a single thought about what 'needs' to be done or what I 'should' or 'could' be doing.  Total focus is just on enjoying the day. 

From the kitchen...cleaned up, thanks to hubby!  Dinner was also thanks to him (take out)!  Like I said - today was a day of relaxing & doing nothing. 

I am wearing...pj's.

I am creating...working on some old family photos for my sister. 

I am piddle with making some little graphics for awhile before bed after I post this. 

I am Bible, & I've whittled down my stack of magazines to almost none now. 

I am hoping...everything goes like my son hopes it will this weekend. 

I am hearing...the late night news.   

Around the house...lots to do after taking yesterday & today off. 

One of my favorite things...these do nothing days. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...finish up the photos for my sister, mail out my sister's birthday box, do my meal planning, grocery shopping, plan my next blog giveaway, take some very full bags down to Goodwill, enjoy my family. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...I've just begun to collect angel figurines over the past month or so.  This one was delivered today (along with a 'few' others).  Emily helped me to open it, & as soon as she saw it she said "Mommy!  It's you, me & Elliot!"  Then she gave me a big hug.  Elliot came into the room an hour later, looked at it, & said "An angel!  It's me & Emily, & you are the angel!"  Then 'he' gave me a big hug.  This one will always be one of my favorites -

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  1. Love the angel Judy..posted on your other blog about this blog!! silly me!! Have a great Tuesday!! Love ya!

  2. What a cute thought about the angel :o) I love your do nothing days, they sound so lovely. It's always a good idea to just enjoy being together. I hope Avery will be with you this weekend, hugs

  3. I am praying so hard that this weekend works out for Shad and all of you! I will continue to pray through the week, it is on my special prayer list!
    Love the angel! I think it really shows how E&E think of you, they are so blessed! Love you big my friend!

  4. What a beautiful figurine, made more so by the comments of Emily and Elliot. What a treasure for you sweetie. Love you

  5. Hi Judy,
    Loved your post!
    Praying for Shad and that this weekend will work out for him.Keeping you in prayer too.
    "Do nothing days" are wonderful-how I loved these when I was off from work!Love the angel figurine and the sweet comments made by Elliot and Emily!! So precious! As you know I am an angel collector and have a huge collection!! I so love angels!I have a feeling I will be adding more now I have seen this one!
    Love you my sweet and treasured friend.