Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Emily's turn today!  She's been wanting to do this again for weeks.  In fact, she's wanting me to make her her very own Simple Woman's  Daybook, so you'll all need to add another Monday visit to your schedules soon. :-)  As you read, keep in mind she is 4  - I type whatever she dictates to me as I read her the questions.  Hope you enjoy seeing things through the eyes of a little girl.  I 'love' the simplicity of childhood!

For Today - July 5, 2010

Outside my window...I see some trees & a red van.  I see bees flying around a little tiny bush that has little tiny flowers on it.  I think they are collecting honey.  It's so beautiful outside. I see a tree with yellow flowers on it.

I am thinking...about how I would like to be at Disneyland on the Pirates ride. I want to ride it 10 times everyday.

I am thankful for...Mommy.  God gave her to me. I'm thankful for God. I'm thankful for the home we live in.  I'm thankful for Pam.  She sent me stickers & she sends us texts.  I love her too. 

I am remembering...Disneyland.  I always remember it & think about it. 

On my mind...the sparklers that we did last night.  They were pretty.  I loved America's birthday.  Mommy teaches us about America.  It's wonderful to praise God for America & that we are Americans. We saw so many fireworks.  I love fireworks.

I am pondering these words...Mommy.  I always think about Mommy.  She is so sweet.  She loves us so much.  She is letting me answer these questions, & I like it. 

From the learning rooms...I'm learning my hula loop (hula hoop).  Mommy got it for me the other day.  It's hard, but I am learning.  I'm also learning to play my harmonica.  I have to move my mouth back & forth over it. Mommy says I sound so beautiful when I play it.

From the kitchen...I ate breakfast this morning.  There is a cake in there because we made it for America's birthday. 

I am wearing...a Cinderella shirt & shorts.

I am creating...I am making memories of Disneyland.  I have been drawing pictures of all the rides. 

I am play a game with Mommy later.  We are going to play bean bag toss. 

I am reading...Mommy is reading me books everyday.  I only know how to read a few words, so she has to read to me.  I am going to learn how to read all the words soon. 

I am hoping...we go back to Disneyland soon. I also hope we get a new kitty soon.  A woman said she would call us when a new one comes.  We are going to name her Bella, & she will be Tinkerbell's sister. 

I am hearing...Mommy asking me these questions, & my big American flag balloon, because Tinkerbell is playing with the string. 

Around the our family, & I love them.  I love my Mommy.  She takes care of us.  I help her clean & cook.   

One of my favorite things...I will give you clues.  She has dark hair.  She has on a blue shirt.  She has green eyes like me. She loves me.  She is typing. I will spell it so you can guess - M - O - M - M - Y.   

A few plans for the rest of the games with Mommy, color with Mommy, print out some Disney coloring pages, learn more on Mommy's laptop, play with Tinkerbell, watch some cartoons, love & cuddle Mommy, listen to Mommy read me stories, go some places, sing, ride my tricycle,  slide down my slide, & learn new things that Mommy teaches me.  We do lots & lots of stuff together.  Mommy tells me & Elliot that every day is an adventure. God gives us our days, so we should have fun.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...When I helped Mommy make America's birthday cake, she let me hold the mixer all by myself.  I had to be careful.  Mommy told me to keep my hands on the handle thing that you have to hold.  If you get your fingers in those mixer things, it will hurt you really bad. It can break your fingers, so make sure you always hold onto the mixer handle thing. I love learning to cook.  I thank Mommy for letting me learn to cook with her.  The cake for America tasted so good.  We ate it after we did our sparklers.

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  1. Hi Emily, I enjoyed reading your post today. I liked the picture of you mixing the cake. Maybe you can share a picture of the cake next time. Have a happy week. Love Susan

  2. Hi Emily, it was lovely to read your post all the way over here in England. You look so grown up mixing the cake. Who's that cute little dog next to you - did he want some cake too, I'm sure it tasted yummy. Love Jean

  3. Very nice thoughts Emily. You did a wonderful job.
    Hope you are having a fun day!
    Lilly looks very nice now too.
    Love, Annie

  4. Hi Emily,
    I loved reading your thoughts today!
    Love the picture of you mixing the cake and your faithful Trixie Lilly.I am sure the cake tasted really yummy!
    Have a wonderful week with Mommy and your family!

  5. Hi Emily, I loved reading your answers to SWD and seeing your picture. My you're a brave girl to be already holding that mixer, my daughter Kristen wouldn't touch it til she was nearly 8 yrs old! I wish we could come and share the cake with you and Lily Trixie Lily :-)
    Love you sweetie.

  6. Great job Emily!! I loved your post and your picture was so cute..did you let Lilly lick the beaters??? Or did you share with Elliot?!! Enjoy your day with Mommy..Lots of hugs from "Grammy Alice"..♥

  7. Hi Sweet Emily,

    I love reading your words and love what you say. You and Mommy are so blessed to have each other. I wish I was able to taste a piece of the America's birthday cake with you and Mommy. I bet it was delicious. Have a blessed and happy day sweet girl. Hugs

  8. HI Emily!
    I am so glad you liked the stickers sweetie and I love you too! :-)

    I am very happy that God gave you your sweet Mommy. You and Mommy sure do have lots of fun together! I love the picture of you baking. I am sure that you are becoming a great cook. :-)

    Have a fun day!!

  9. Great Job Emily! Sometimes you see things that us adults don't see! Thank you for sharing! You are adorable!

    God bless,
    Kacy <><

  10. Emily you did a wonderful job writing out all this, I am so impressed with your love for mommy and I agree Disneyland is a great place. Did you save me some yummy America Cake? have a great day sweetie. big hugs

  11. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog. I am ever so grateful for the prayers and thoughts.

    I am now a follower of your blog.

    Have a beautiful day.

  12. Hi Emily, you did another great job with your post. I think you should have your own Simple Day Blog.

    Sounds like you loved sharing America's birthday with the sparklers and cake. Mmmmmm yummy!

    It pleases my heart to see how much you love your mommy and family but mostly how you give thanks to God. Your such a blessing in all our lives.

    Love you,