Monday, May 10, 2010

I hope you enjoy seeing the simple things through Emily's eyes.  Keep in mind, she is only 4, so I typed the wording just as she said it.  This was so much fun for us to do together.  I have a feeling that she's going to want to do this again. 

For Today - May 7, 2010 (date typed)

Outside my window...the sun is shining & our trees are blowing. I see our trees.

I am thinking...about how much I love Mommy, & how much I love God. 

I am thankful for... my Mommy. I am thankful for our house.  I am thankful for our car.  I am thankful for everything God gives  us.

I am remembering...when I went to Chuckie Cheese & had fun with Mommy.  I played an animal game & a bee game.

On my mind...I can't get out of my mind what my special surprise is tomorrow.  I think it is dino museum or dino park, but it's a surprise, so I don't know.  You can't know what surprises are, because if you do, then it's not a surprise.  Mommy won't give us more hints.  She just says we are going to have lots of fun & love it.

I am pondering these words..."I love you Emily."  I love thinking about those words that Mommy always says to me.

From the learning rooms...I am learning my school that Mommy teaches me & Elliot.  I am learning to take pictures & movies. Mommy is teaching me.  I want my own camera to take lots of pictures.

From the kitchen...Mommy fixes us good smoothies & good food.  She is so cute, & I love her.  I help her everyday.  She teaches me about food.  She teaches me to eat healhty.  I don't like junk food, because it's not healthy. Elliot likes junk food, but Mommy won't let him eat it.  I always tell him that he better not like it or he won't be healthy.  Elliot don't like me telling him that.   

I am wearing...shorts & a shirt that has hearts & rainbows all over them.  I love hearts & rainbows.  I love so many things. It's hard to just choose one thing to love, because I love everything that God made.  He made everything.

I am creating...I am drawing a bug, because when I was looking outside I thought 'Hmmm, I'm going to draw some bugs. All kinds of bugs.'  I don't like bugs, but I was drawing a field of bugs.  Even spiders, yuck!  I was drawing one.

I am our special surprise when we wake up.  It's going to be fun.  I am going to hug Mommy when I know what my special surprise is, & I'm going to tell her that I love it.  Mommy always plans special surprises for us.

I am reading...Mommy reads me books, because I can only read c - a - t, cat - d - o -g, dog - M-o-m-m-y, Mommy, E-m-i-l-y, Emily - D-a-d-d-y, Daddy - E-l-l-i-o-t, Elliot, P-r-i-n-c-e-s-s, Princess, - G-o-d-, God, & some other words that Mommy teaches me.

I am hoping...that I will like my special surprise.

I am hearing...Mommy ask me these questions & me answering them.  I like to answer these questions.  I love my Mommy.

Around the house...I see Mommy.  I see bears.  Our house is so beautiful. I have a Princess room. God blesses us.

One of my favorite things...Mommy.  I love my Mommy so much.  I love hugging her. I love my LillyTrixieLilly, but I call her Lilly for short.

A few plans for the rest of the week...go to my surprise tomorrow, play with Mommy, play with Tinkerbell, eat, bath, sleep, brush my teeth, kiss Mommy, watch Simon.  Simon is handsome. I hope Crystal wins because she has a little baby, & I like babies.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...I like to lick my bowl when I have white sauce (Alfredo) on my pasta.  I don't like that red sauce because it tastes too spicy to me.  Mommy has to clean my face when I'm done, because it gets on my face & on my nose sometimes.  Mommy tells me that I can only lick my pasta bowl when I am home, & not when we eat out. I have to use my spoon to scrap it up when we eat out, but I want to lick it because I love it & can't get it all when I use a spoon.

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  1. Oh Emily! You are so precious! I like to lick my bowl too - cereal, ice cream and even white sauce from pasta - hee hee.

    I hope you have a FABULOUS time at your surprise. I know I sure would ;-) I want to go there someday myself! I've been to the "other" one on the East Coast and it's one of my favorite places on earth!

    Big hugs & thank your Mommy for sharing you with us all!! Love to you & your Mommy!! xoxo

  2. Oh sweet Emily, I can see how much you love your mommy and God. You are such a blessing. I loved reading your answers and I hope you will help mommy again. You did great.

    I hope you and Elliot will have a wonderful time on your special adventure this week. Your mommy and daddy love you very much.

    Judy thanks for sharing Emily's answers this week. It was truly refreshing to read and see things from a child's view. Cherish each minute you have with those precious children because as you know they are gone in a blink of a eye.

    The picture is priceless. Loved it!!

    Love you both,

  3. I sure enjoyed Emily's post today. She is such a blessing to all of us! Have a great surprise!!! Love Susan

  4. Thank you Emily for sharing your post with us today.You are so precious and so sweet! You are a blessing and I enjoyed reading your post today. I hope you are enjoying your "surprise and havng lots of fun!"
    Thank you for sharing Emily's post with us and it was lovely to see thoughts from a child's viewpoint! Just so precious!! Enjoy your time away and capture lots of beautiful moments! Look forward to hearing all about Disneyland and the fun you all had!
    Love you much.

  5. Hi Emily and Mommy;

    I hope you write more for all of us to read. I enjoyed reading every word. I love seeing the world through a child's eye, especially such a precious child with such a wonderful and loving mother. I'm looking forward like the rest of us to hear about your special trip and to see lots of pictures. Love & hugs

  6. Hi Emily!
    You are so cute and so sweet! Thank you for answering these questions for your Mommy, wasn't that fun? I know that I had fun reading them. I hope you will do this again sometime.
    Have fun this week with Mommy and Daddy and Elliot and Lilly! I know that it will very special and exciting.

    I love you Emily! Please give Mommy a BIG hug for me.


  7. Hi Judy,
    What a great idea this was and so precious!

    Have fun this week, I know you are having fun and will continue having fun. :-)

    I love you!

  8. ps please give Emily a hug for me! :-)

  9. Very sweet! Emily did a great job answering the questions! Are you sure she isn't 20? ;) She's a smart cookie! (((Hugz)))

  10. How sweet, I love Emily answers, she's so cute & she sure sounds older than her age. The photo is too cute! This is such a lovely idea. I hope you're all having a fantastic time at Disneyland! Hugs

  11. Hi Emily,
    Great job posting! I know you are having a fun time at Disneyland!
    Hugs, Dru

  12. That was a great post did a really great job answering all those questions..say hi to your mommy for me!! And give her a hug too!! Have fun at your SURPRISE!!!!

  13. Awwwwww, so precious! Very sweet, and I can't wait to read Elliot's next time! :) Seeing the world through a child's eye is so special, isn't it? Big hugs to you and Emily. :)