Monday, April 5, 2010

For Today - April 5, 2010

Outside my window...after an overcast morning, the sun is shining brightly.  Emily has prayed for rain, & she got a few sprinkles this morning.

I am thinking...about all that I need to do & want to do today. 

I am thankful for...friends that are always there with a listening ear & a  'hug' to go with it.  It's wonderful that this can be done long distance - all the way from across the ocean!

I am Emily woke me up this morning, gave me a big hug, & then as she carressed my face she told me "I am so thankful that you are my Mommy.  You are the most beautiful Mommy in the world!"  No matter what I look like, she tells me every single day that I am beautiful.  She is beautiful - inside & out.

On my mind...things that I want to do to the 2 rooms that are getting new wood floors.

I am pondering these words..."For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon thee." Psalm 86:5

From the learning rooms...children really 'do' listen to what you teach them (or don't mean to teach them).  It never fails to amaze me how many times I will hear Emily or Elliot telling someone something, & it is is EXACT what I have taught them or something they have heard me say.  It's sobering to think that I am responsible for these two sweet beings.

From the kitchen...still trying to decide what to prepare for dinner tonight.  I am leaning towards spaghetti, salad, & bread.  Or....maybe a meal out is in order after all my work on our Easter meal yesterday.

I am wearing...kakki pants & black top.

I am creating...a blog for my sweet Granddaughter Avery.

I am hopping later to catch up on web friends lives.

I am Bible & lots of children's books to Elliot & Emily.

I am hoping...that we get the wood flooring put in the other room this week.  I can't stand things 'almost' done.

I am hearing...Emily talking to Tinkerbell.  She's telling her how much she loves her.  Tinkerbell is meowing back, so I think she's telling her "I love you too!"

Around the house...clutter from empting out 2 rooms so that we could put the wood flooring in.   I 'hate' clutter, so can't wait until this is finished.

One of my favorite things...Cadbury Creme eggs, & believe me, I had my fill of them yesterday!  I have two more left, & one of those is going to be a sweet afternoon treat with my coffee!

A few plans for the rest of the week...hopefully finish the wood flooring, put everything back in its place from that, do my meal planning, enjoy these two little ones that share my days & life!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...I hid 32 surprise filled plastic eggs for Elliot, Emily, & Avery yesterday morning - here they are with empty baskets waiting to be filled -

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  1. I love this post Judy. Emily is so dear and precious. Love the story you shared about her this morning.

    Good Luck getting all your "work" done that you have on your agenda.

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Judy,

    What a beautiful photo of Elliot,Emily and Avery!!! I am sure they had fun hunting eggs! Talking of eggs-Cadbury Creme Eggs are so my favourite too and now I am wanting some!!! Out to the store tomorrow to get some!!

    Hope the wood flooring goes well and I am sure it will look wonderful.

    Love you!

  3. Awww, the kids are so sweet. Kristen had to find eggs too from the Easter bunny:) Hope you have a lovely week.

  4. Hi Judy. :) Just wanted you to know I was here. I am feeling very unfocused today so won't say more than that...except that I love your sweet spirit. It was lovely to read through your thoughts. XOXO

  5. Hi Judy, I enjoyed your post and pictures. Isn't it fun to watch the kids enjoy something that we did as kids. Hugs and have a great week.

  6. Hi Judy! Seems I'm always here on Monday for these nice entries. :) That's so sweet about Emily because you know wqith most kids, you hear the opposite from you are beautiful... they are quick to point out any and every flaw in their innocent but brutally honest way! :D Looking forward to DWTS tonight. Have to hear about your wood floors. We want to put hardwood in our living room and entry areas as carpeting and 5 animals was a big mistake! (((Hugz)))

  7. Hi Judy,
    Great post. It rained a lot at the kids house. I hear it was raining here in Burbank too. But I just got home and it looks dry to me :) Have a wonderful evening. I am off the watch DWTS.
    Hugs, Dru

  8. I understand what you mean too. I hate having things half done but it seems it's that all way all around my house right now. Take care, my friend and have a lovely day.

  9. Hello Judy, wow I can't believe how big Avery is, from the photo she seems to be almost as tall as Emily. Time is going so fast! I'm so happy you had a wonderful Easter, in the South nobody works on Good Friday so it was lovely to have a three days weekend. I'll remember to visit you here too on Mondays, glad you posted a link on your regular blog. Hugs

  10. Our Monday started out the same way Judy - cloudy and then sunny. Today we're back to cloudy & rain but that's okay. My garden needs the moisture.

    I love Cadbury eggs too and have had more than I need. Don't you just love Easter candy ;-)

    The kids look ready & raring to go on that Easter egg hunt ;-) Hugs xo

  11. Hi Judy!
    I love Cadbury eggs too, well I think I love about all types of candy. lol

    That is a great pic of the kids. They are growing so fast.

    love you dear friend

  12. Ditto the Cadbury eggs! What a lovely post!

  13. Hi Judy, Thanks for visiting again and directing me to your blogger account. Girl, I can barely keep up with one blog -- I can't imagine having two web sites. Yikes!

    Oh, now I'm craving chocolate eggs! I discovered a stash of hidden chocolate last night and I ate my husband's chocolate bunny with yellow eyes. lol

    The children are such cuties!

    Love & hugs,

  14. Judy thank you for coming by and saying hello.
    I love your blog and websites. Hugs from little ones is so humbling and wonderful. It is wonderful hearing and seeing the children living what has been taught to them....

  15. Awwww, such a special shot of Elliot, Emily, & Avery, they are so precious! :)