Monday, March 22, 2010

For Today - March 22, 2010

Outside my window...sunny, warm, & quiet, except for our Pugs barking through the gate  at passing neighbors walking their dogs.

I am thinking...about how fast life goes by.  I've been going through photos of my growing up years this morning, & it brings it home about how very short life is & how quickly it goes.

I am thankful for...memories. I look through those photos, & feel so blessed to have had the family that God placed me in. 

From the learning rooms...families shape who we become, & you need to enjoy them while you have them. 

From the kitchen...cleaned up & quiet, but that will all change with dinner tonight.

I am pants, white top, & a smile.

I am creating...memories. Every. Single. Day.  Hopefully these memories will be ones that my family will look back upon with happiness, just as I do as I visit my growing up years.

I am going...down memory lane today. I still have lots of photos that I want to go through.

I am Bible, my study book, & Lives Our Mothers Leave Us (by Patti Davis)..

I am hoping...that I can escape getting the cold  that has floated through our home. 

I am hearing...Elliot & Emily playing a game.  Emily just came to me & told me that she thinks she's going to have to play all day & all night, because she's only gotten 5 points & she needs to get 100 points.

Around the house...busy. Today is our weekly big cleaning day.

One of my favorite things...that feeling after a big clean day - LOVE enjoying the evening afterwards!

A few plans for the rest of the week...catch up with my pile of magazines that's waiting on me, play with making graphics, have a few days at the park, help Mike put wood flooring in two more of our rooms, enjoy & celebrate life.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...seeing as I've been going through photos, I thought I would share this one of yours truly.  I look grumpy in this picture, but I wasn't.  I was afraid I was going to fall off of the stool I had been put on.

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  1. Hi Judy! Oh my goodness what a cute pic and I see Emily in this photo!

    Great post and I hope Emily gets her 100 points! :-)

    Sending love and hugs

  2. I was going to say the exact same thing as Pam- I see a big resemblance between you and Emily! Yes, I carry Jacob around a lot and he's happy if I just sit and hold him so I'm on the floor with Ryan playing, watching DVDs and holding Jacob. I do have a Baby Bjorn so I can do somethings like fix lunch, etc... if they're both awake. Ryan has NOT slept at all but has been in his room in the playpen for almost 3 hours. I'm wondering if his sleeping in playpen days are over? I don't really care if he sleeps but I do need that 2-3 hour break in the day! ;) Looking forward to DWTS tonight! (((Hugz)))

  3. Judy that is a darling photo of yourself I really like it very much. Emily does look like you very much. I know when Morgan was a baby she was with me all the time and everyone thought I was her mommy. Thankfully her parents grew up and I was able to stand back and watch the kids flourish. God Bless you and your family and thank God for memories! Hugs

  4. Judy, love your picture that you posted. You were/ are so adorable. Like everyone else has said you can see the resemblance between Emily and you.

    It's so good to see you posting again. It's been a long time since I did the Simple Daybook...once I get into a routine again with my regular blog maybe I will start it again. Especially now that I have my early morning to blog. :)

    Love you sweetie,

  5. I can see you now in Emily's face.
    I love your day book. It's pretty, and I love your description of the day.
    Hope your week goes wonderfully.

  6. Hi Judy,
    What a cute picture of you and I am in agreement with both Darylynn and Pam how Emily looks like you. Great post.
    Hugs, Dru

  7. Hi Judy;

    I didn't think ASWD was still online. I love their format. I too always feel wonderful after a big cleaning. Your photo is adorable as was you as a child. I love old photos.

    You asked about my CA adventure. Well my daughter was living in San Gabriel & worked in LA and wanted me to come out there to live with her and my grandson. I got rid of everything I owned and went with just my clothes. I lived with my daughter for 2 months but hated her small apartment over a garage in a completely asian neighborhood where the people weren't friendly at all. So I ended up moving to San Jose in my brother & SIL's gorgeous home. But I couldn't find a place of my own as everything was so expensive and was told waiting lists for subsidized apartments had a 9 (nine) year wait. I stayed with my brother for 7 months and really enjoyed being there with them but knew I had to move back to where my comfort was and that was NY. I had to start all over again with furniture, appliances, etc. I did love San Jose. My daughter ended up being transferred to Austin Texas anyway. Hugs

  8. Oh Judy, I get so blessed each time I read something that you have written. You have a beautiful way of sharing and I can visualize each detail and feel the tenderness of your heart. The Lord has truly blessed me with a special friend. What a beautiful picture of you. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully when I get done with my study I can start a SWD too. Love you sweet friend. :)

  9. Loved reading your blog as well. How neat to go through old photos and take that trip down memory lane. Time does go by fast, sometimes too fast. Your photo was beautiful. You sound like a blessing to your family =)

  10. Hi Judy, I think I have mentioned that Emily looks like you. Maybe that fru fru dress too. I remember having to wear things like that and I was a super tom boy and hated it. I love your new design. Hugs

  11. Hi Judy,

    Love the photo of you and I can see that Emily looks just like you!

    Love your description of your day too!