Monday, February 16, 2009

FOR TODAY - Monday, February 16, 2009

Outside my window...I see the rain trickling down my window - such a pretty thing.

I am thinking...about an old friend that contacted me after not hearing from them for almost a year.

I am thankful for...the sweet afternoon I had with Elliot & Emily today. We get very few rainy days in Las Vegas, & I took advantage of it. We cuddled up underneath a blanket, in front of the fireplace, & I read stories to them.

From the learning rooms...I am still learning lots of things in my Paint Shop Pro program, & loving it!

From the kitchen...freshly cleaned up after dinner. I can still smell the wonderful aroma of the roast we had tonight.

I am sweat pants & navy blue top.

I am creating...a loving, warm home for my family. I want our home to be a haven, especially as times get increasingly more uncertain out in the world.

I am take a long bubble bath with Emily in a few minutes. I love these times with her.

I am reading...a stack of People magazines that I have let build up. Of course, I am reading my Bible also, & finishing up Adventurous Prayer.

I am hoping...that this rain lasts a few more days, seeing as we get to enjoy it so seldomly.

I am hearing...Emily is singing to me as I type. She is singing "My God Is So Big". How I love to hear her sweet baby voice sing!

Around the house...we are settled in for a peaceful, relaxing evening. With this rain, hot chocolate is on the menu tonight!

One of my favorite things...hearing it rain, & watching it trickle down the windows.

A few plans for the rest of the week...nothing major - just enjoy my family, catch up with some reading, catch up with a few things around the house.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...the fireplace that we enjoyed on this rainy day. I love having it on.

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  1. Dear Judy,
    Your daybook is always such an inspiration to me. You have a delightful way with words that make me feel you're talking just to me. Thanks for sharing your lovely family and thoughts with us. Hugz!!

  2. What a gorgeous fireplace Judy! One day I hope to have a real fireplace and not the little electric one we have but for now it'll do ;-)

    We had roast on Saturday night so I can almost smell your home tonight - Mmmmmmmmm!

    Treasure these snuggle days with the kiddos... you know first hand how fast they go by!!

    Big hugs xo

  3. Judy, what a wonderful post today. As Maggie said you are such a inspiration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and days with us. I love that you molding two little people to be wonderful young adults someday. The memories you are making with them.
    Enjoy the rainy days with books and hot chocolate.

  4. What a lovely, cozy afternoon! Your fireplace looks so lovely and warm. I'm glad you're enjoying your PSP. Hope you are having a lovely day. Lots of ((hugs))

  5. Hi Judy, sounds like a lovely cozy day with the rain falling and the fire lit... and bubble baths with Emily, how sweet. Enjoy the rest of your week too.
    Big hugs

  6. Hi Judy,

    What a lovely post. I wish we were getting rain instead of the snowstorm that will hit us tomorrow and Thursday. Your fireplace looks so cozy and warm. I wish we were able to have one here in the apartment complex.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week with your family my friend. ~Hugs~

  7. Sounds a lovely time. Emily singing My God is so big brought back memories or my now 28 year old son at Sunday School singing the same song (that's if it's the same one) My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there's nothing that he cannot do ...
    Enjoy the rest of the week Judy. Hugs x

  8. a lovely way to spend a rainy wet day.
    I am sure God also loves to hear Emily sing. Its beautiful when children sing about Him.