Monday, January 12, 2009

FOR TODAY - Monday, January 12, 2009...

Outside my is dark & quiet, seeing as I am posting this at 10PM.

I am thinking...about all that I want to do tomorrow.

I am thankful for...being able to accomplish so much in our decluttering & organizing today. What a great feeling!

From the learning live in the moment & enjoy it to the fullest. I don't ever want to miss something as I live it, because I am busy thinking ahead to the next moment, or thinking about things I need/want to do.

From the kitchen...everything is clean, put away, & waiting for us to meet there for breakfast tomorrow.

I am sweat pants & a soft gray thermal top.

I am meal plans for the week.

I am bed very soon, after a long day of cleaning.

I am reading...My Bible, 10 Principles for Studying Your Bible, Adventurous Prayer, & The Purpose Driven Life.

I am hoping...that I can finish up the little bits of organizing & decluttering around the house tomorrow.

I am hearing...nothing but the sounds of my keyboard as I type this post. Everyone is in bed.

Around the house...I see the 'fingerprints' of life with Elliot & Emily tonight. Tiny pink shoes left by the table, a Princess tiara on the counter, the stuffed beanie animals that Elliot was enjoying before bed. I feel so blessed as I see these reminders of the little people that share my life.

One of my favorite things...telling knock-knock jokes with Elliot & Emily, & the resulting squeals of laughter coming from them.

A few plans for the rest of the week...finishing up the things I want to do around the house, getting my meal planning done, getting the next chapter of my Bible study done.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...the moon outside my window tonight -

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  1. Happy Tuesday Judy;

    I so enjoyed reading your SWD entry today. I especially loved the "Around the House" and "Favorite Things" about Emily and Elliot. You are truly blessed my friend. Have a lovely week ahead. ~Hugs~

  2. Hi, Judy!
    I loved reading all your SWD entries today, especially all the little things about Emily and Elliot! you are so blessed to have them in your life!

    how is your weather there? mine is cold and snowy, brrr.
    have a blessed day! Hugz

  3. Hi Judy,
    You have the gift of a talented writer. Your words are so thoughtful and sincere. I agree, the full moon was truly awesome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me today! Hugz!!

  4. Ciao Judy, really nice entry! :) The full moon was amazing here too, I was so happy to be able to see after 3 days of rain! :) Have a happy day, hugs!!!

  5. Hi Judy, I really enjoyed your post. Aren't the little reminders of the children great. My child turns 25 tomorrow. Yikes. They grow up so fast. Enjoy ever minute and live life to the fullest, while they are small. :)