Sunday, January 4, 2009

FOR TODAY - Monday, December 30, 2008...

Outside my window... it's bright & sunny, & I can't help but thank God for the beautiful area He has allowed us to live in, as I look at the mountains. The streets are quiet & peaceful.

I am thinking... about how I want to get my website up to date, especially Emily's blog. Something about the New Year, makes me want to have everything in order & 'lined up'.

I am thankful for... the blessing of getting to share my days with Elliot & Emily, & for all that they bring to my life.

From the learning rooms... I am learning that God has a perfect plan for my life, & that He will bring it about in 'His' time & give me the grace to wait.

From the kitchen... I hear the hum of the dishwasher, reminding me to be thankful for the food that we have, & for everyday modern conveniences.

I am wearing... pajamas, & am debating staying in them all day after a very busy past couple of weeks.

I am creating... new pages for my website.

I am going... to bake cookies with Elliot & Emily later, & make wonderful kitchen memories with them.

I am reading... Adventurous Prayer.

I am hoping... to be able to get the Christmas decorations put away today.

I am hearing... the music from the cartoon 'Little Bill', & listening to Emily hum along with it.

Around the house... I have sweet reminders of Christmas morning lingering, as the children are playing with the new toys, & still talking exitedly about Christmas.

One of my favorite things... watching Emily put away silverware & the dishes in the cabinets that she can reach, as we unload the dishwasher. I cherish training her & watching her work with such joy.

A few plans for the rest of the week... plan our family New Year's evening, get decorations down & put away, reflecting on this past year & thinking through on what I want 2009 to bring.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Emily, sharing Christmas with her special friend -
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  1. Hi Judy. they look so cute with their matching hats! I love pj days. Hugs

  2. Love your new blogger Judy! Emily is so precious! Love ya!

  3. Hi, Judy, This is so beautiful! I don't know how I missed your Day book entry last week but I'm so glad you turned me in the right direction! I love the Raggedy Ann header too! Hugs

  4. WooHoo! So happy you decided to join us at The Simple Woman's Daybook. It's a perfect fit for you. Thanks for your special little invitation to visit! I'll be adding you to my fave daybooks. God bless and happy day, dear friend. Hugz!!

  5. Hi Judy! Thanks for introducing me to the Simple Woman's Daybook... I think this will be fun to do together :-) Who else can we get to join us? I love the pic of Emily & her puppy in their matching hats. She is such a doll!

    I'll be back after today's post! Hugs xo

  6. Hi Judy! Thank you for telling me about the Simple Woman's Daybook. I just finished my blog!

    That is is the cutest pic of Emily!! :)

    love you